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Flat Braided Copper Flexible Connectors

Flat Braided Copper Flexible Connectors

Flexible connectors are used in transmitting current across conducting mediums which are subjected to different motions caused by thermal expansion, vibration or operational movement etc. These flexible connectors are widely used in electrical distribution, switchgear and automobile industries providing maximum conductivity and minimum millivolt drop maintaining excellent flexibility.

Flexible Connectors are manufactured in the range of 1 mm² to 4000 mm² with range up to 4000 Amps and are supplied using bare copper or tinned or silverplated braided/stranded wires with end terminals also either in Bare Copper or tinned or silverplated as per customer’s requirements.

Flexible Connectors are normally supplied in non-insulation design but on request it can be supplied with insulation sleeves of heatshrink, silicone, PVC, fiberglass etc.

Heavy duty Busbar flexible connectors are manufactured using multilayered braids up-by-up or side-by-side to increase the current carrying capacity. This can be supplied from 250 Amps to 4000 Amps catering to Busduct, Switchgear and generator manufacturers.

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