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 Round Stranded Copper Flexibles
 Braided Copper Tapes, Flat Rolled
 Round Braided Copper Flexibles
 Square Braided Copper Flexibles
 Round Stranded Copper Flexibles With Overall Braiding
 Flat Woven Copper Cables
 Round Stranded Copper Flexible Connectors
 Flat Braided Copper Flexible Connectors
 Laminated Copper Flexible Connectors
 Resistance Welded Copper Flexible & Welded Components

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Esteemed Clients

  • Industrial units manufacturing ACB, MCB, RCCB, ELCB, control panels, switchgears, carbon brushes, electronic energy meters, tapchangers, busducts etc.
  • ISO-9000 certified units
  • Power Projects
  • Govt. research organizations
  • Govt. enterprises like railways


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Round Stranded Copper FlexiblesBraided Copper Tapes, Flat RolledRound Braided Copper FlexiblesSquare Braided Copper FlexiblesRound Stranded Copper Flexibles With Overall BraidingFlat Woven Copper CablesRound Stranded Copper Flexible ConnectorsFlat Braided Copper Flexible ConnectorsLaminated Copper Flexible ConnectorsResistance Welded Copper Flexible & Welded Components